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general manager of the best seafood restaurant in new york

Laura Solano

General Manager

Laura Jean Solano is the General Manager at Bayberry in Islip, New York. As an experienced professional in the customer service industry, her journey in restaurant management began during the pandemic as Assistant General Manager of Dodici Restaurant in Rockville Centre, NY. Laura quickly immersed herself in various aspects of restaurant operations and discovered her passion for the hospitality. Since then, she assumed the role of General Manager, overseeing everything from digital marketing to human resources. Prior to her venture into hospitality, Laura worked in luxury sales, with renowned brands including Givenchy, Saks Fifth Avenue, Christian Dior, and Chanel. Her focus on customer experience during her sales career has shaped her dedication to providing excellent service in her current role. 

A Long Island native, Laura's is best known for her personal style as well as her genuine passion for creating memories at the restaurant that leave a lasting impression on guests. In addition to her well-rounded experience, her love for travel, especially family trips to Europe, has influenced her appreciation for new cuisines, cultures, and meeting people from all different backgrounds.